November 17, 2009 | Italian

140 Days of Language Learning

Some words are just plain hard to remember.

This is my 140th consecutive day of language learning. I haven’t missed a single day since I started this whole thing on July 1. I marked the anniversary with a bunch of Pimsleur lessons, grammar exercises, and VocabuLearn.

I also went through my SparkNotes flashcards. As I learn new words, I pull those flashcards, leaving behind only the ones I don’t know. Today I wasn’t able to pull many cards, because the words that are left are ones I seem to have a mental block for remembering. It’s like when you can’t remember someone’s name, because they just don’t look like their name.

For me, these words, with their particular combinations of sounds and letters, don’t seem to resemble the objects and concepts they represent. On my list of hard-to-remember words are the Italian equivalents of “sweater,” “ankle,” “socks,” and “chin.”

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