January 7, 2011 | Japanese

Baby Clothes in 30 Languages

Start 'em young.

Today was another snow day. Enough is enough. My California blood cannot take this.



More Snow

More Snow

Nonetheless, I decided to brave the elements to achieve a higher goal: errand running.

There I was, trudging down Columbus Avenue, listening to a Pimsleur lesson—which was prompting me to translate things like, “There are a lot of American cars in Japan,” “The child is not small,” and “Where does your family live?”—when I glanced to the right.

And saw a bunch of different languages in a store window.

The languages were on baby clothes, and the store was Älskling, which, I soon learned, means “darling” in Swedish. The owner happened to be there. Her name is Vivianne, and she is from Sweden.

Vivianne gave me a tour of rows of tiny white onesies, each emblazoned with the word “darling” in a different language. I think she said she had been doing this language line for about seven years. In total, 30 languages were represented. 

So, baby shower coming up? For a smart, cute gift: 228 Columbus Avenue. (No, I have not been compensated for this blog entry.)

Onesies in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese...

Onesies in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese…

...And in Other Languages, Too, for All Your Baby-Clothes Needs!

…And in Other Languages, Too, for All Your Baby-Clothes Needs!

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