May 15, 2010 | Spanish

Eyeball Obstacles

Studying is harder when the words are blurry.

I bought the local Spanish-language newspaper, El Diario, again today. I started to read it. But there was a problem. My eyes were killing me. My vision has really declined since the start of this project—too much squinting at unfamiliar alphabets?—and over the past 10 days or so, it has become positively painful to read. Or to see, generally.  

I have glasses that I didn’t usually need, until recently. Now they are not enough, but I can’t get an eye appointment with my favorite eye doctor until Wednesday. In the meantime, I have headaches.

So I had the brilliant idea this afternoon of trying on both of my two pairs of glasses at the same time (thereby doubling the prescription). I immediately felt a bit more comfortable, in my right eye at least. But not in my left. I tried to pop out one of the left lenses, but couldn’t, so I took the glasses to the local LensCrafters and they did it for me.

New York/New Jersey Sunset

Much better; I read a bunch of articles from El Diario, looking up words I didn’t know.

As you can imagine, this double glasses thing with one missing lens is not exactly a high-fashion look. Therefore, there will be no photograph. There are limits.

Instead, here is a compensatory photo of some Upper West Side water towers against the backdrop of New Jersey (Nueva Jersey in Spanish).

It was a pretty sunset tonight.

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Kris L. • Posted on Wed, August 21, 2013 - 7:25 pm EST

Ah!  I would have really like to have seen that!  I can definitely understand though.  I find that now (in my 40s), in order to read anything, even directions on a frozen food dish, I have to wear them!  When did that happen????

Ellen Jovin • Posted on Wed, August 21, 2013 - 9:01 pm EST

Since I posted this, my eyes have become pretty random from day to day. I now have three pairs of glasses for reading, each offering a different level of correction. Some days I need nothing in order to read, sometimes I need something very weak, sometimes I need something a little stronger. It varies day by day, so I don’t always know what, if anything, to take with me when I go out! (However, I am happy to report that I stopped with the two-glasses-at-a-time look.) What I need to read another alphabet is sometimes different from what I need to read English, too; the latter is a lot easier to process.

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