January 2, 2010 | Italian

No Heat? No Problem!

A super-cold apartment is no deterrent where Italian studies are concerned.

Today the heat went off—yet again—in our apartment building. I would not be deterred, however: I studied Italian for at least six hours, much of the time wearing a down jacket, hat, and gloves.

According to the book Italian Grammar Drills by Paola Nanni-Tate, un nuovo libro is a new book, while un libro nuovo is a brand new book. It’s going to take some doing for me to remember that one.

In this same book, I am amused by some of the sentences I have been encountering in examples and exercises. On page 167: “Ci sono troppe persone in chiesa.” (There are too many people in church.) And on page 168: “L’Italia ha troppe chiese!” (Italy has too many churches!)

A theme seems to be emerging…

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