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Ellen addresses groups on a wide range of language topics. If you are interested in having her speak at your event—whether for a large corporation, a non-profit, a government organization, a school, a trade association—please contact her to discuss your speaker needs. Possible subjects appear below, and Ellen can easily tailor a language presentation to suit the occasion.

How to Learn a Foreign Language on Your Own

Not everyone has time and inclination to take a class! Ellen offers objective advice on how you can go about teaching yourself a foreign language, what to look for in language-learning products, and how to stay motivated and engaged. Language-learning can be fun and fulfilling, if you just go about it in a way that suits not only your lifestyle but also your learning style. This talk is appropriate for global corporations, international law firms, trade associations, teachers, medical professionals, and more.

Language-Learning Adventures in the World’s Most Multilingual City

According to linguist Juliette Blevins, about 800 languages are spoken in New York City, making it the most multilingual city on earth. This status makes it an ideal (and free!) language-learning lab. Ellen recounts some of her linguistic adventures in different neighborhoods throughout the city and helps attendees uncover hidden opportunities in their own lives to practice their language skills.

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