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Revised May 3, 2013

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According to its website, CafePress has “the world’s largest selection of artist-designed t-shirts, clothing, accessories, housewares and gifts.”

I have included this company here because they happen to sell numerous foreign-language items, such as mugs, hoodies, posters, clocks, and more, emblazoned with foreign-language alphabets, words, and ideas.

On my last visit to the CafePress website, for example, I saw a clock with Chinese characters, various Hebrew-themed mugs, and a poster of the Russian alphabet. I also found an organic baby T-shirt from FluentBaby with line drawings of a bunny, ice cream, a plane, etc., labeled in both Arabic and English.

A cautionary note: I did not always find it easy to navigate CafePress’s site to locate particular language products, so I recommend you be specific in your search terms. If you want a certain alphabet on a mug or T-shirt, enter the word “alphabet” along with the language and the item description. 

CafePress Sells Hebrew Alphabet Mugs!
CafePress Sells Hebrew Alphabet Mugs!


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Erik Zidowecki • Posted on Sun, March 23, 2014 - 10:18 pm EST

I have used CafePress before to promote UniLang. We made graphics with the URL as well as things like “Hello” in many languages, the cyrillic alphabet, and even “coffee” in many languages, to be put on shirts, mugs, coaster tiles, etc. The strength of the site is you can make your own designs and everything is made as needed, so there is never an inventory that you need to maintain. A down side is that it is largely US oriented (or was at least when we were doing it). If I were to do that sort of thing again, I would be more inclined towards Zazzle, which has a more international capacity.

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