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March 10, 2013

Price  Free
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

If you are a social-media holdout, I am not going to try to convince you that you should dive in now. There are, after all, pros and cons to being on Facebook.

If you are already on Facebook, though, you can find many language resources available to you there. I have “liked” so many language-related pages that my news feed now often contains more language news than it does information on my Facebook friends.

Glancing through it right now, I see news about/from American Sign Language, the Asia Society, Portuguese, La Maison Fran├žaise of NYU, Cantonese, Rocket Languages, French Institute Alliance Fran├žaise, the New York Polish Film Festival, Hebrew, El Museo del Barrio, Latino authors, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, HanBooks, Nowy Dziennik Polish Daily News, the Flushing YMCA, the Lower East Side History Project, Rio Lounge, Scuola Italiana del Greenwich Village, and a TED talk on the following topic: “How do bacteria communicate with each other? Well, they talk.” 

Because Facebook keeps suggesting new language pages for me to “like” based on my previous likes, I am ending up with an ever-more-useful stream of language updates. You could probably recreate this kind of experience through other technological means, but I happen to find this particular means particularly easy.

By the way, regarding my larger Facebook philosophy: I do not put up photos of my neighbor’s pets or what I ate for dinner. Being on Facebook does not contractually obligate you to post puppy pictures.

Facebook Page for Kung Fu Fest 2013
Facebook Page for Kung Fu Fest 2013

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