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Revised June 1, 2013

Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced claims to be the “world’s largest flashcard library.”

It was founded in 2001 by a guy named Culley Harrelson, who was studying for an exam using a giant stack of paper flashcards. Apparently he didn’t find that experience satisfactory, since he abandoned his studies to create this company.

The website has a web-based flashcard maker allowing you to create, share, export, and print flashcards. There are millions of flashcards already up there for all kinds of subjects. The language portion of the site, for instance, lists dozens of languages, and there is an apps section to help you take your flashcards on the go.

In using the flashcards of others, I would be careful about quality-control issues. But it is surprisingly hard to find good paper-based flashcards even for popular languages, so this is an interesting idea.

Latin has more than 11,000 flashcards up there! Find Flashcards for Your Target Language Find Flashcards for Your Target Language
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