Grammaire. 350 Exercices Niveau supérieur I

4 French, Books

March 10, 2013

Authors  J. Cadiot-Cueilleron, J.-P. Frayssinhes, L. Klotz, N. Lefebvre du Preÿ, J. de Montgolfier
Publisher  Hachette
Publication Date  2003
Price  $36.95
Skill Level  Advanced

This is the exercise workbook accompanying the textbook Nouvelle Grammaire du Français, also reviewed in this directory. Please see that review for more details on both the textbook and this workbook.

Since this workbook does not contain answers, you will need to buy the answer key as well—unless you don’t care whether you are right or not!

Exercises for Nouvelle Grammaire du Français
Exercises for Nouvelle Grammaire du Français

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