June 2, 2014 | Persian

Balancing Act

I'm trying to figure out how to study Persian while reviewing other languages.

I’m going to Germany in less than two weeks for Polyglot Gathering Berlin 2014.

While there, I would like my German not to be totally lame. I have not been using it, and it is rusty. Everything is constantly rusting, darnit.

What is up with entropy?

As Good as a First-Grader?

As Good as a First-Grader?

So, in advance of the conference/gathering, which will be crawling with polyglots, I am trying to review German (and French and Italian) while not losing my concentration on Persian.

Yesterday, as part of that mission, I tested Michel Thomas for Italian. I liked it better than I thought I would, especially the vocabulary component. More on that another time.

I am still plugging along in the Assimil book I have for Persian, Le Persan. I am getting better at writing, but I don’t know what it would look like to a native speaker.

Above is a handwriting sample from an exercise on page 122. I am pretty sure I, via it, come across like a seven-year-old.

I can at the very least see that I slanted downhill, as kids often do. I need to invest in some lined paper!

Okay, just as I wrote that last paragraph, some feedback on my writing came through on Facebook, where I posted this same picture earlier tonight. The essence of the verdict: “This isn’t terrible.”

He he he.

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