Fang Gourmet Tea

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March 10, 2013

At this Flushing shop you can buy fancy teas for all kinds of ailments, sit and drink tea at low tables with your friends, buy fancy tea sets, or (something I did) ask a lot of questions.

The person working there the day I visited was very friendly and receptive, and happy to help me out. And she spoke Mandarin!

For your convenience, the store offers online tea shopping. And, if you would like to advance your tea knowledge, you can sign up for classes in tea ceremony. 

Just a heads-up: the experience of getting to Fang from the street was a little odd. It is located in a kind of mini-mall, which did not appear to be fully occupied when I was there. Right inside the mall entrance I had to veer to the left, if I am remembering the details correctly, and pass through a small store space that was devoid of stuff but had a woman standing in it (so I felt as though I’d just invaded her living room). Then I had to head down a surprisingly quiet hallway until I got to Fang near the end on the right.

In addition, the shop had some clutter, at least the day I was there. Maybe they were unpacking stuff. But I would gladly go back and try tea at one of those low tables.

The Entrance to the Mall Containing Fang Gourmet
The Entrance to the Mall Containing Fang Gourmet
Tea for Golden Days
Tea for Golden Days

Fang Gourmet Tea
135-25 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354



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