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Food and Drink

View from the Street

4 Mandarin, Food and Drink, Shopping

I am a sucker for any tea or coffee shop that sticks the word “books” in its business name. Radiance Tea House & Books, located in midtown Manhattan, is Chinese-owned. You can enjoy a meal there, as well as buy…

Holyland Market

4 Hebrew, Food and Drink

This East Village store is filled with Israeli products and is apparently very popular with Israelis seeking familiar foods from home.  I always like taking pictures of food with foreign languages on it, so I went there to see…

Schaller & Weber Storefront

5 German, Food and Drink

You can find hard-core German food products at this longstanding family-owned Yorkville store, resident on 86th and Second Avenue since 1937.  Schaller & Weber’s website says they are “masters of charcuterie.” I had to go look up “charcuterie.”…

For Atmosphere, Language, and Coffee

4-5 Italian, Food and Drink

During my Italian studies, on an expedition to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, I stopped by this establishment for a coffee break, because I thought I might get to speak or at least hear Italian. The place was bustling, extremely…

Café Riviera, Greenpoint

4 Polish, Food and Drink

Café Riviera in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, has Polish employees and Polish desserts and Polish customers. I traveled here in search of people to speak Polish to, and it was a highly effective strategy. I took my grammar book with me, studied…

Heidelberg Restaurant

4 German, Food and Drink

This German restaurant and bar, located on Second Avenue near 86th Street, is in Yorkville on the East Side. Yorkville at one time was heavily populated with German immigrants. I went during off hours, sat at the bar, and…

View from the Street

5 Japanese, Food and Drink

For a relaxing cup of tea, you might consider this attractive East Village tea house. It is owned by T.I.C. Group, which also owns an insane number of other Japanese restaurants in the immediate area. For…

Ferrara, Little Italy

5 Italian, Food and Drink

When I visited this Little Italy café back in 2009, I had the most heavenly latte I can remember having in my entire life. It was also at that time the most costly latte of my life. As I drank it,…

Storefront, 72nd Street

4-5 Hebrew, Food and Drink

This West 72nd Street café is a fabulous language lab—one of the best free local resources I have found for any language I’ve studied so far during this project. I went there a lot