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Revised June 8, 2013

Price  Free
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Forvo’s tagline says it all: “All the words in the world. Pronounced.”

Okay, maybe not all, but it is good to have a goal. There are 300 languages on Forvo’s language list, from German and Spanish to Chuvash (a Turkic language spoken in central Russia) and Zulu. And there are about a bazillion words.

On the Forvo website you can listen to audio files of native speakers pronouncing words in their respective languages, listen to competing pronunciations from different native speakers if you like, and add your own pronunciations to the database if you disapprove.

If you can’t find a particular word, just put it on the list of words awaiting a pronunciation from someone in the know! And don’t forget: there will be regional variations. 

In early 2013, the languages with the most pronunciations (more than 100,000) on the Forvo website were: German, English, Russian, Portuguese—and Tatar!

Forvo: For Pronunciations of the World's Words
Forvo: For Pronunciations of the World's Words

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