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This Dictionary Is Heavy!

Yiddish, Books, Dictionaries

The Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary is apparently a big deal in the world of Yiddish studies and considered very authoritative. In my primitive state a few days into my Yiddish studies, I can’t even begin to judge,…

Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary: So Far, So Good

Irish, Dictionaries

It took me more than three weeks of Irish studies before I felt ready to use my Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary. That’s because the beginning letters of Irish words change depending on the grammar of the…

The Oxford New Russian Dictionary: I Endorse This Wholeheartedly

5 Russian, Books, Dictionaries

I love this dictionary series, and this dictionary. It is a great size, a great weight, and a great design. I am very particular about the way my dictionaries feel, and the way they open, and the font, and

Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary: I Really Like This One!

5 Polish, Books, Dictionaries

The Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary is extremely usable and useful. I am picky about dictionaries. I like the aesthetics of this one: the readability of the print, the weight of the book (light), and its dimensions (small-purse…

Oxford Learner’s Spanish Dictionary: I Like the Heft of This

3 Spanish, Books, Dictionaries, Kids

What makes this a learner’s dictionary as opposed to a regular dictionary is that this one has word tips and examples for the language newcomer. I am sort of a hard-core traditionalist about dictionaries, so I didn’t take…

Pocket Korean Dictionary: A Slim Volume of Words

Korean, Books, Dictionaries

I bought the Pocket Korean Dictionary for my Korean studies. I confess I didn’t use it, but it wasn’t the dictionary’s fault. I was preoccupied trying to make it through my Pimsleur Korean …

Random House Webster's Pocket Portuguese Dictionary, with Pen for Scale

Portuguese, Books, Dictionaries

The type in Random House Webster’s Pocket Portuguese Dictionary is too small for me, but if your eyesight is better than mine, you may appreciate the compact size and portability. I do think this series is…

A Lightweight, Portable Dictionary

Hindi, Books, Dictionaries

As has often been the case when I am studying languages with radically different alphabets, I tended not to use the Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary much. It’s nothing against the dictionary itself; it’s just that…

Besides the Essential Dutch Dictionary, They Also Make an Essential Dutch Grammar

2 Dutch, Books, Dictionaries

Despite the nicely compact size of Essential Dutch Dictionary: A Teach Yourself Guide, it still has completely readable font. That’s a plus. But there is no pronunciation guide, which strikes me as odd. Dutch is not easy…