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March 10, 2013

Series  Pimsleur
Publisher  Simon & Schuster
Publication Date  2012
Price  $450 for Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited 1-4 (includes 120 audio lessons); $150 for Spanish Unlimited 1 (with 30 audio lessons)
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate

A Pimsleur audio lesson is a marvelous thing: a roughly half-hour, highly interactive experience that develops your listening and speaking skills. For Spanish, the company offers a whopping 120 lessons, so you can get a ton of speaking practice without ever having to set foot in a classroom.

The product shown here is a new one I haven’t tried, called Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited. It includes the audio lessons that I have used for multiple languages and to which I am addicted, but also has other multimedia features to give you a broader array of learning experiences. I can’t claim personal experience with them, and the five-star rating is based on the strength of the audio lessons all by themselves.

Pimsleur Spanish focuses on Latin American Spanish, so if you are dying to learn the vosotros forms of Spain, it won’t happen here.

As of this writing, the Pimsleur website is a little overwhelming in terms of the buying options you have. I will try to simplify things. Forget the CD option; that’s too expensive. That leaves the MP3 files of the Pimsleur Spanish audio lessons, versus the Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited product in the fancy box, which includes the audio plus extra stuff. The pricing is very similar for those two options, so if you are trying to decide between them, you might as well get the Unlimited. Unless, that is, you are unwilling to make that commitment, in which case you can purchase just five MP3s of audio lessons at a time for $21.95.

Before you commit to anything, try a sample Pimsleur Spanish lesson off their website and see if it suits you. Having done many hundreds of Pimsleur lessons across a whole bunch of languages, I enthusiastically recommend this product if you want to learn Spanish.

Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited: This Is a Newer Option Than the One I Used
Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited: This Is a Newer Option Than the One I Used

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Michel • Posted on Sun, February 21, 2016 - 9:58 am EST

Hi Ellen…How are you? I hope fine. I’ll be very objective. I only have one question. Your answer will be very decisive in my life. First of all,I want to say something. I don’t want to understand movies,songs…..this is not my goal. I only want to able to speak a language very well…comfortably…. when I finish the chosen course. So….which course should I choose?
Rosetta stone or Pimsleur??

Some of them can give me that goal?

If you can be very detailed in your response I am very grateful.

P.S: I don’t want to learn only where is the hotel,how much is this? understand?

I really want to speak a language well at the end of the course. understand people. talk without problems.

Thanks a lot….I will wait for your answer.

Hugs from Brazil. I want to learn German.

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