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Learn Swedish Online!

Swedish, Audio Lessons, Flashcards, Multimedia, Vocabulary, Websites, Kids

This flashcards-on-steroids website comes from the company Antosch & Lin, whose online offerings I have now used to practice a good dozen languages. I haven’t yet tested their Swedish in a meaningful way, but I have tried out their…

You Can Buy This on iTunes, But It's Cheaper on

5 Persian, Audio Lessons

Today I finished the thirtieth and final lesson available from Pimsleur for Iranian Persian (also known as Farsi). I am slightly in mourning; I love Pimsleur’s products so much, and I wish they had more lessons for this particular…

Hochdeutsch Students, This Could Blow Your Mind!

5 German, Audio Lessons

Pimsleur, part of Simon & Schuster, offers 10 excellent roughly half-hour audio lessons for Swiss German, and I did all 10 of them in 24 hours. I absolutely do not recommend this approach—you are supposed to do one per day—but I…

Just a Few of Your Many, Many Memrise Language Choices!

4-5 Arabic, Apps, Audio Lessons, Flashcards, Multimedia, Vocabulary, Websites, Kids

I am now a hard-core Memrise addict. It is all over for me, but stop reading here and you could be saved from a similar fate. Still reading? Beware, compulsive types! If you try this website—which is free, making…

30 Pimsleur Lessons for Modern Standard Arabic

5 Arabic, Audio Lessons

I really, really, really wish Pimsleur offered 90 lessons for Modern Standard Arabic, often referred to as MSA. I love Pimsleur, and 30 lessons aren’t nearly enough! Pimsleur is a great resource for dozens of languages. It is extremely interactive…

Pimsleur Egyptian Arabic: If Only There Were More Than 30 Lessons!

5 Arabic, Audio Lessons

Pimsleur offers highly interactive audio lessons, each about half an hour long, that have so far impressed me more than any other teach-yourself product for spoken language skills. Everyone has different language-learning tastes, though, so before you buy, I recommend…

Start Portuguese, with the Michel Thomas Method!

3-5 Portuguese, Audio Lessons

At the outset of this one-hour CD, a nice-sounding woman told me, “You are just about to experience a new and different approach to learning, and to language learning, that will give you a practical and functional use of the…

I Am Looking Forward to Trying This Out

Korean, Audio Lessons, Flashcards, Multimedia, Vocabulary, Websites, Kids

I love Antosch & Lin Languages’ websites. They are smart, robust, and versatile: the super-super-deluxe-fudge-sundae-with-everything-on-it version of a flashcard product. Although I can’t give their Korean one a rating and full review right now—because I…

Learn Italian with Paul Noble, from Collins

4 Italian, Audio Lessons

Paul Noble is an actual person, an English person, and quite young. He has a language school in England, and this Italian offering of his—via the UK publishing company Collins—seeks to replicate the experience of studying at his…