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Revised July 3, 2013

Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Sefer Israel is a publishing house and a supplier of Hebrew educational materials to schools. Their offerings include books, periodicals, Israeli music, films, and more.

This is a wholesaler, not a street-level retail store, but the owner, Orly Farhi-Haley, is intimately involved in all the business’s activities and creates a welcoming environment for bibliophilic types should you care to visit.

At least that was my experience! I was a random unannounced drop-in, and I was treated with great warmth and attentiveness.

This in spite of the fact that I knew so little Hebrew when I showed up that more than once Orly had to come over and turn a book I was looking at right-side-up for me.

You can also order off their website. I see Hebrew from Scratch—which I haven’t used but which one of my readers recommended—displayed prominently on their home page.

Beautiful Books in Hebrew
Beautiful Books in Hebrew
Me with the Store Owner, Orly Farhi-Haley
Me with the Store Owner, Orly Farhi-Haley
Read Hebrew!
Read Hebrew!

Sefer Israel
213 West 35th Street
Room 302A
New York,  NY 10001



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