Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary

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Revised April 8, 2013

Author  Rupert Snell
Series  Teach Yourself
Publisher  McGraw-Hill
Publication Date  2004
Price  $14.95
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate

As has often been the case when I am studying languages with radically different alphabets, I tended not to use the Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary much. It’s nothing against the dictionary itself; it’s just that you have to get comfortable with a language to use a dictionary, and with Hindi I guess I didn’t get to the dictionary stage.

It looks pretty good, though, and I like the layout. There are explanations of Hindi script and grammar at the beginning that a student of Hindi might find helpful. I wouldn’t mind if the Hindi script were a tiny bit bigger, to help out poor beginners such as me.

Addendum: Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary appears to be out of print, but at present, inexpensive copies are still available online at Alternatively, I see that McGraw-Hill issued an Essential Hindi Dictionary by the same author in 2012. I haven’t had my hands on it, so I can’t tell how similar it is, but you might consider purchasing that instead.

A Lightweight, Portable Dictionary
A Lightweight, Portable Dictionary
Fun to Look At
Fun to Look At

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