Learning Review Period
May 27, 2018

Spring Awakening

In which my thoughts turn to studying Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

Last week I thought to myself, it would be cool to learn some Chinese characters right around now. Even though I spent a little time on Chinese some years back, I focused on spoken skills and pinyin and never learned…

Senegalese Community Center

French, Neighborhoods

Le Petit Sénégal, or Little Senegal, is a Central Harlem neighborhood concentrated around 116th Street, from roughly Frederick Douglas Avenue on the west to Lenox Avenue/Malcom X Boulevard on the east. On a search for French there,…

A Mostly-Picture Book on New York's Chinatowns

3-5 Mandarin, Books

Chinatowns of New York City by Wendy Wan-Yin Tan is principally a book of photographs, and I got a lot out of it. I did, however, get a lot more out of it…

Meeting Up for Deutsch in New York

German, Classes/Conversation, Social

There are Meetup groups on five continents dedicated to German language and culture. (If you are on Antarctica, you are out of luck!) People get together and speak German, or speak about German, or do whatever that particular group…

Pretty Design, Okay Content

3-5 Dutch, Books

If I hadn’t had German helping me out (there are many similarities with Dutch), I think Basic Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook would have been too hard for me as a complete beginner. Because I did have…

Jerusalem Post IVRIT: News While You Learn

Hebrew, News

The Jerusalem Post IVRIT, billed as a “high standard magazine in easy Hebrew for the whole family,” was recommended by a reader. I am not familiar with it myself, but reading foreign-language news is in general a great…

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