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Revised July 14, 2016

Publisher  Antosch & Lin Languages
Price  $8 per month or $84 per year
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This flashcards-on-steroids website comes from the company Antosch & Lin, whose online offerings I have now used to practice a good dozen languages. I haven’t yet tested their Swedish in a meaningful way, but I have tried out their various sites thoroughly enough at this point (many, many hours) that I know the company does good and careful work. 

On you can do multiple choice questions, fill in blanks, review word lists by subject, etc. There are numerous ways to customize the site to make it work better for you, so you should really scout around and get to know it. 

You could use it for free if you don’t care about audio, but we are talking Swedish here, which has some pretty unexpected pronunciation. Therefore, I would recommend shelling out the $8 monthly fee to actually hear what you are seeing or you will miss out.

A bonus to consider: that fee gets you access to all of Antosch & Lin’s language sites—German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, etc.—which makes it a great bargain for hardcore language fanatics.

Learn Swedish Online!
Learn Swedish Online!

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