Pimsleur Farsi Persian

5 Persian, Audio Lessons

May 26, 2014

Series  Pimsleur
Publisher  Simon & Schuster
Price  $119.95 for all 30 lessons
Skill Level  Beginner

Today I finished the thirtieth and final lesson available from Pimsleur for Iranian Persian (also known as Farsi). I am slightly in mourning; I love Pimsleur’s products so much, and I wish they had more lessons for this particular language. For the most popular ones, they have 120!

I have not to date encountered anything quite as good as Pimsleur at advancing my oral skills in foreign languages.

I completed Lesson 30 on a sunny run in Central Park, appreciating once again how conveniently this product fits into the corners of my life. I can run with it, walk, do errands, complete chores, wait in line, and so on. Pimsleur is portable, as it is an all-audio product. (Well, it has reading lessons, too, but I rarely do them, as I usually get my reading and writing from other sources.)

I can’t exaggerate the value of this portability. When you are a grownup with work, and kids, and/or other obligations, it can be hard to find time to set up a computer or sit down with a book.

But: Taking an elevator somewhere? Pop in your Pimsleur. Walking to the corner store? Pop in your Pimsleur. And so on.

Each lesson is about 30 minutes long and highly interactive. You don’t learn a ton of words, but you do get some very useful vocabulary along with a sense of the language’s architecture and a great deal of pronunciation practice. Try a free Persian lesson off their website to see if it suits you.

I never do Pimsleur in isolation; I always supplement with other materials as well. I use Memrise for vocabulary, I use grammar books, I use anything I can get my hands on, really. But Pimsleur has often acted as the spine of my learning programs, and I suspect it will continue to do so for other languages in the future.

You Can Buy This on iTunes, But It's Cheaper on
You Can Buy This on iTunes, But It's Cheaper on


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joe mctaggart • Posted on Sat, December 20, 2014 - 12:35 pm EST

Pimsleur is the way to go if you’re going to travel and you want to be ready and confident enough to actually talk to people. You need the practice listening and replying on your own , which pimsleur requires, not just repeating a response that’s given to you.
I did a 30-day course just like I was supposed to. I did often look up words to see how they were spelled. I think, for me, that helped and was I.. Pimsleur says not to do that.
I want to stress this, though:  You need to find a quiet place and do the lessons alone.  You might want to close tor eyes. Use headphones.  You’re going to be listening to a native
speaker at moderate speed and then reply to them.

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