Pimsleur Greek

5 Greek, Audio Lessons

March 10, 2013

Series  Pimsleur
Publisher  Simon & Schuster
Publication Date  2002
Price  $230 for all 60 lessons; $119.95 for 30 lessons
Skill Level  Beginner

I love Pimsleur with all my heart. My main regret with Pimsleur Greek is that there are only 60 lessons available for this language. More commonly studied languages have 90-120 Pimsleur lessons available.

Oh, well.

Each Pimsleur Greek lesson is a highly interactive audio and speaking experience, roughly 30 minutes long, in which you are pushed and prodded (pleasantly!) to say things in Greek. You get to speak constantly, far more than I ever did in even the smallest of college language classes.

Despite this somewhat limited allotment of lessons, I still found Pimsleur Greek incredibly useful, but unfortunately, 60 was not enough to get me beyond a pretty basic level.

Since Pimsleur Greek lessons are oral, I supplemented with print materials, reviewed in this language-learning directory. I never did find the Greek grammar book of my dreams, I’m afraid, but I will keep looking.

Me Doing Pimsleur Greek on Picnic Blanket, Central Park
Me Doing Pimsleur Greek on Picnic Blanket, Central Park

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