The Oxford New Greek Dictionary

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March 10, 2013

Author  Niki Watts
Publisher  Berkley Publishing Group
Publication Date  2008
Price  $6.99
Skill Level  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

In general I have loved the Oxford dictionaries I have used for other languages in this series. They are small and lightweight, and they have a great layout with generous interior margins, which means you don’t have to battle the book binding in order to read the entries.

Those things are also true for The Oxford New Greek Dictionary. However, during my Greek unit three years ago I didn’t actually end up using this dictionary—I believe I stuck principally to a glossary in the back of another book—and you usually have to get into a dictionary pretty thoroughly before you know its strengths and shortcomings.

One odd thing, I am realizing, is that in the Greek-to-English section of The Oxford New Greek Dictionary, parts of speech and gender for the various Greek entries are given in Greek. That means in a different and unfamiliar alphabet. That strikes me as unusual and illogical for a user who is learning Greek.

A dictionary that is marketed to English speakers should have that kind of information in English.  

The Oxford New Greek Dictionary: A Highly Portable Word Collection
The Oxford New Greek Dictionary: A Highly Portable Word Collection

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