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McGraw-Hill's Italian Verb Tenses: Needs Editing, But I Really Like This One

4-5 Italian, Books

You need to bring a little pre-existing knowledge of Italian grammar and vocabulary to Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Verb Tenses by Paola Nanni-Tate, but if you do, you should be fine. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ms.…

Italian Verb Drills: Second and Third Editions, Cuddling on Sofa

4 Italian, Books

I used Italian Verb Drills by Paola Nanni-Tate twice, in two different editions (the second and the third). The book delivers on its commitment to drill the hell out of you on verbs. Which is good, because Italian…

Verb Tables!

4 Italian, Books

Teach Yourself Italian Verbs is a compact reference book consisting of verb tables: 200 different pages with 200 different verbs. Each page displays all the forms for a given verb, provides helpful examples of Italian usage, and lists various…

A Tiny Verb Book, with Pen for Scale

3 Italian, Books

This wee out-of-print book of verb tables was compiled by LEXUS with Andrew Wilkin. If you want a really tiny book with a bunch of verb conjugations to throw in your bag, this might do the job, assuming you…

On Small and Often Irksome Words: Italian Pronouns and Prepositions

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In general, I don’t mind pronouns, but I don’t groove on prepositions. They are among the hardest things for me to learn when I study foreign languages. Indeed, as author Daniela Gobetti herself notes in Practice Makes…

Schaum’s Outline of Italian Vocabulary: This Was Not Very Exciting

2 Italian, Books, Vocabulary

Finally! An Italian book that gives you syllable-stress information (most don’t). I find that very helpful. But that’s really about all I liked about Schaum’s Outline of Italian Vocabulary. I didn’t like it aesthetically—…