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Dirty Flashcards: For Salty Spanish Speakers

4 Spanish, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Oh, my. They weren’t kidding. These are dirty.  So, here’s the thing: I have no objection to dirty. And it is indeed the case that if you go the traditional language-learning route—classes…

From Dover Publications: 2,001 Useful Spanish Words!

4 Spanish, Books, Vocabulary

This is a great book to keep with that pile of magazines in your bathroom—and I mean that as a compliment!  2,001 Most Useful Spanish Words is not exactly the kind of book the average person would…

Seymour Resnick's Essential Spanish Grammar, from 1959!

3 Spanish, Books

I really liked Seymour Resnick’s Essential French Grammar, so I was disappointed not to be able to give his Essential Spanish Grammar a similarly glowing review. There is a special place in my heart for…

BarCharts Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

3-5 Spanish, Flashcards, Vocabulary

I am picky about my flashcards. These Spanish vocabulary flashcards from BarCharts come in a box of 1,000. It’s a good number of flashcards, and if you buy them and learn them all, or even most of them, you…

Multilingual Motivation

4 French, General, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vocabulary

Can’t commit to a single language? Go for five at a time, then, with this daily tweet translating an English word into five languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Today’s word was “train.”  Portuguese:

Schoenhof's Website Is a Window to the World

5 Arabic, Dutch, English, French, General, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Yiddish, Websites, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

Founded in 1856, Schoenhof’s claims to have the “largest collection of foreign books in North America.” As a student at Harvard, I used to shop at their main store in Harvard Square for my language and literature course materials. I…

Advance Your Spanish Skills

3-5 Spanish, Books

This diminutive book by Rogelio Alonso Vallecillos offers instruction in “topics that often cause trouble to foreign students, especially to English-speaking ones: topics like the correct use of object pronouns, when to leave out subject pronouns, how to generate sentences…

This Book Is Pretty Heavy

5 Spanish, Books

This book, by John Butt and Carmen Benjamin, is for people who take their Spanish grammar very seriously. It is a comprehensive reference guide that goes into gory detail on all things grammatical in Spanish.  To give…

Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited: This Is a Newer Option Than the One I Used

5 Spanish, Audio Lessons, Multimedia

A Pimsleur audio lesson is a marvelous thing: a roughly half-hour, highly interactive experience that develops your listening and speaking skills. For Spanish, the company offers a whopping 120 lessons, so you can get a ton of speaking practice without ever…