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I Am Looking Forward to Trying This Out

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I love Antosch & Lin Languages’ websites. They are smart, robust, and versatile: the super-super-deluxe-fudge-sundae-with-everything-on-it version of a flashcard product. Although I can’t give their Korean one a rating and full review right now—because I…

I Wish There Were More Pimsleur Korean Lessons

5 Korean, Audio Lessons

Pimsleur offers extremely high-quality interactive audio lessons for many different languages spoken around the world. Unlike some of the more commonly studied languages in the U.S., for which Pimsleur offers 90-120 lessons, the Pimsleur Korean product stops at 60. Nonetheless,…

I Like VocabuLearn as Accompaniment for Errands and Household Chores

Korean, Audio Lessons, Vocabulary

VocabuLearn is a pretty plain product. It consists of simple audio vocabulary lessons, where you are quizzed on your ability to translate English words and phrases into a foreign language and vice versa. You hear an English word, you…

Live Lingua: Keeping the Free FSI Language Courses Alive

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These Foreign Service Institute language courses were recommended by a reader. I haven’t tried them, but the holdings are extensive and consist of older courses that are now in the public domain. They are also free, so the main…

DLIFLC: Language Resources for Free

Arabic, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Audio Lessons, Multimedia, Websites

A reader whose opinion I respect directed me to this website for the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC). Here you can find a lot of free multimedia language-learning material (audio, video, print) for numerous languages, including multiple Arabic…