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Irish Resources, Free on the BBC Site

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The BBC website offers free Irish lessons. I am only just beginning to familiarize myself with the site, but I believe there are three levels available—Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. I tried the first lesson from Level 1 and liked it!…

Watch Free Television

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Learn Irish by watching Irish TV on the Internet! TG4 was established in 1996; the acronym stands for Teilifís na Gaeilge. According to Gabriel Rosenstock in Beginner’s Irish with Audio CD (2005), “Its success has confounded the sceptics, especially the…

Scenes from the 2012 NY Portuguese Short Film Festival Are Available Online

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At the first annual NY Portuguese Short Film Festival—which took place in June 2011, in both New York and Lisbon—20 short films were screened. The sponsor of this now-annual event is the Arte Institute, which supports cross-cultural dialogue among artists.

Picking a French Movie to Watch

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I no longer have Time Warner Cable, but in the early days of this project, I found it very useful for language-learning purposes, and I would imagine other cable or satellite or fiber-optic service providers would offer similar or perhaps…

An Engaging Tone Teacher

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Mandarin has four tones. This is an unfamiliar concept to most native English speakers and is the type of thing one might ordinarily hope to learn in a class, with the assistance of a nice language teacher who would be…

Perhaps This Was Not the Most Exciting Still I Could Have Chosen

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Watching foreign-language television can be a useful learning tool, and cable TV often provides access to different worlds’ worth of television. On Time Warner Cable in New York City, for example, channel 507 is as of this writing the Arabic Channel,…

Israeli TV on the Web!

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It is a fact that many people in this country watch too much television, but you can turn a bad habit into a good one by using TV to accumulate foreign-language skills. These suggestions for free Israeli TV online came… You Can Go for French Radio, or Estonian, or Greek, or Portuguese, or Something Else Altogether!

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A valuable resource for language learners, the website has a formidable collection of links to more than 4,000 European radio stations streaming live on the web in many languages. I have used to access German and French…

A Suggestion from a Reader

Korean, Radio/TV/Video/Film

I didn’t use this “Let’s Speak Korean” video series in my own studies, but one of my readers pointed it out to me, so I am passing the information on to you.