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Food and Drink

View from the Street

5 Japanese, Food and Drink

For a relaxing cup of tea, you might consider this attractive East Village tea house. It is owned by T.I.C. Group, which also owns an insane number of other Japanese restaurants in the immediate area. For…

The Storefront

4 Japanese, Food and Drink

This store claims to be the oldest Japanese grocery in the United States! The space itself, on 59th Street between Second and Third avenues, is not all that big, but an employee told me people call in orders from around…

View from Outside

4-5 Japanese, Food and Drink

Midoriya is a Japanese mini-mart in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They sell all kinds of Japanese foodstuffs, kitchen items, and other miscellaneous useful things. It is clean, bright, and cheerful—one of the tidiest little stores I have ever seen in New…

The Center

5 Japanese, Food and Drink, Shopping

This is a big, beautiful East Side showroom, a gastronomically seductive space, for lovers of Japanese cuisine. Of which I am one. It is there courtesy of a Moonachie, N.J.-based company called New York Mutual Trading.  …