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Food and Drink

View from the Street

4 Mandarin, Food and Drink, Shopping

I am a sucker for any tea or coffee shop that sticks the word “books” in its business name. Radiance Tea House & Books, located in midtown Manhattan, is Chinese-owned. You can enjoy a meal there, as well as buy…

New York Mart: Tons of Space, Tons of Food

5 Mandarin, Food and Drink

This sprawling Brooklyn store in Sunset Park’s Chinatown has a remarkable array of produce. When I visited New York Mart in late 2012, I did not look at the meat or fish, though those sections were crowded with customers,…

The Entrance to the Mall Containing Fang Gourmet

3-5 Mandarin, Food and Drink, Shopping

At this Flushing shop you can buy fancy teas for all kinds of ailments, sit and drink tea at low tables with your friends, buy fancy tea sets, or (something I did) ask a lot of questions. The…

Seen from Outside

3 Mandarin, Food and Drink

This place is on the coolest of old Chinatown streets, but it seems to me to be the victim of its own popularity. The last time I was there, the wait staff were the only Chinese people in the place,…