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This Is Before I Totally Beat It Up

4 Polish, Books

This Basic Polish book from Routledge says at the outset that it assumes no previous knowledge of Polish. Unlike many other language books, it sticks to that commitment. It begins at the beginning. I’m not going to…

Intermediate Polish: I Like the Book Design

Polish, Books

I confess I did not get far at all in Intermediate Polish: A Grammar and Workbook (my Polish unit ended before I got past page 10), but I was enjoying it in any case and found it similar in…

Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary: I Really Like This One!

5 Polish, Books, Dictionaries

The Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary is extremely usable and useful. I am picky about dictionaries. I like the aesthetics of this one: the readability of the print, the weight of the book (light), and its dimensions (small-purse…

Berlitz Polish Pocket Dictionary, with Pencil for Scale

Polish, Books, Dictionaries

For my Polish studies, I ended up using the Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary instead of this one from Berlitz, just because that one happens to be bigger (though still small) and holds more words. The Berlitz Polish…

Polish Verbs and Grammar Essentials with Latte

4-5 Polish, Books

This oddly titled book by Oscar E. Swan is thorough, well-written, and smart. I say oddly titled because, despite the appearance of the word “Verbs” in quite large letters on its cover, the book in fact begins with a chapter…

A History of the Polish Americans: I Like the Cover Photo

Polish, Books

A History of the Polish Americans chronicles the Polish experience in the United States and examines what it means to be a hyphenated American grappling with the dueling forces of assimilation and cultural heritage. In 2005, writes the…

First Polish Reader for Beginners: For Sale on and Elsewhere

Polish, Books

A reader recommended First Polish Reader for Beginners by Paula Wojcik. I have glanced through some pages online, and it looks quite helpful, so maybe consider it if you would like some actual reading texts and…

This Is the Previous, 1998 Edition; I Need the New One

Polish, Books

I never actually used Polish: An Essential Grammar by Dana Bielec, because a review copy of the book arrived after my Polish unit had already ended, but it looks useful! You can read a bit about it here…