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I Didn't Get Through 100 Words with This

2 Hindi, Books, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Your First 100 Words in Hindi (the titles in this particular language series always make me feel about five years old, which is kind of fun), I was happy to read that there are no capital letters, but…

It's Hard to Find Good Hindi Materials, So I Am Grateful for This Book

4-5 Hindi, Books

Here’s some good news about the Hindi writing system: no capital letters, and no separate cursive forms to learn! Teach Yourself Beginner’s Hindi Script by Rupert Snell was one of my favorite products for Hindi. It…

A Lightweight, Portable Dictionary

Hindi, Books, Dictionaries

As has often been the case when I am studying languages with radically different alphabets, I tended not to use the Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary much. It’s nothing against the dictionary itself; it’s just that…

Teach Yourself Hindi: This Is an Earnest Book

4 Hindi, Books

I found Teach Yourself Hindi* by Mohini Rao at Bhutala Emporium in Little India in Queens. The subtitle was enticing: “A Unique and Authentic Language Learning Kit from the Country’s Leading Publishing House” (the country being India,…

Don't Buy This

1 Hindi, Books, Multimedia

The book part of this Teach Yourself Hindi book-CD combo package starts out: “This course is designed to enable those with no previous knowledge of Hindi to learn to read, write and converse in the language with…