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Pocket Korean Dictionary: A Slim Volume of Words

Korean, Books, Dictionaries

I bought the Pocket Korean Dictionary for my Korean studies. I confess I didn’t use it, but it wasn’t the dictionary’s fault. I was preoccupied trying to make it through my Pimsleur Korean …

Step by Step Korean Penmanship: Look at the Happy Student on the Cover!

4 Korean, Books, Multimedia

I bought Step by Step Korean Penmanship at Koryo Books in Koreatown, because I was experiencing a language emergency! Specifically, I had come to a dead end in both of the Korean textbooks I was using: I couldn’…

Elementary Korean? I Think I Needed a Teacher to Accompany This

3 Korean, Books, Multimedia

I was pretty quickly overwhelmed by Elementary Korean. It is a textbook, accompanied by a CD to help with pronunciation. It is in fact a heavy, nearly $70 textbook, and the accompanying Elementary Korean Workbook is…

Elementary Korean Workbook: I Enjoyed What Little I Did in This

3 Korean, Books, Multimedia

In my very brief encounter with this Elementary Korean Workbook, I liked it reasonably well. It comes with a CD and is a companion to the big orange Elementary Korean textbook also reviewed in…

Basic Korean Grammar and Workbook: Not Basic Enough

3 Korean, Books

I did not get far at all in Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook by Andrew Sangpil Byon. I straggled through to page 21 and stopped. A big question for me was, who exactly is the target audience? …

Read & Speak Korean for Beginners

2-5 Korean, Books, Multimedia

I barely used Read & Speak Korean for Beginners by Sunjeong Shin, but I am not a fan of this series, which offers similar books for multiple languages. Right on the cover of this Korean edition, it promises…