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German Grammar Drills: Not the Most Grammar Fun I've Ever Had

3 German, Books

German Grammar Drills by Ed Swick does indeed provide the drills that its title promises, but the exercises could be better at developing skills and encouraging retention. There is just too much mindless repetition. For example,…

Lots of German Words in Here

3-5 German, Books, Vocabulary

Practice Makes Perfect: German Vocabulary by Ed Swick is divided up into chapters such as “Animals,” “Holidays,” “Farms and gardens,” and “The human body.” It balances explanations, word lists, and examples with exercises. While it is too advanced…

German Verb Drills, with Coffee

4 German, Books

German Verb Drills by Astrid Henschel claims to be “perfect for beginning and intermediate learners.” I would say you should be at least an advanced beginner, though. We are talking German verbs, after all! Even a relatively advanced…

Pocket German Dictionary with Pencil for Scale

3-5 German, Books, Dictionaries

This is a really, really tiny dictionary, and the font is really, really tiny, too. If you have bad vision, I can’t recommend it.  But if you have bionic eyes, go for it! Random House Webster…

Complete German Grammar, with Caffeination

3-5 German, Books

I won’t deny there was some good practice in this book by Ed Swick. Like the McGraw-Hill Practice Makes Perfect series generally, there are many, many exercises—more than you find in your typical foreign-language…

This Is Hard-Core German Grammar

German, Books

I haven’t used the current edition of German in Review, but I did use the 1967 edition, pictured here, in my college German class years ago (which was many years later than 1967, I would just like to add),…