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501 Essential French Verbs, from Dover

4 French, Books

This nicely designed book from Dover Publications consists primarily of verb tables. It is hard to get overly excited about verb tables, which simply involve listing all possible conjugations for a given verb, and then all the conjugations for another…

Oops! I Forgot to Hide It!

4 French, Books

I’ll be blunt: this French book is a little dirty. Which is fine. Smutty stuff has a place in a French student’s library. Especially a college-age student, but the contents of Hide This French Book<…

A Petite French Grammar with a Very High Grammar-to-Dollar Ratio

5 French, Books

This small old-fashioned French book has a high grammar density. It is not a workbook; it is a concise summary of the basic principles of French grammar, populated with numerous helpful examples. The cover promises that it is “All the…

The Keys to French?

4 French, Books

This book by Annie Heminway contains lots of grammar drills, offering excellent opportunities for practice to people seeking to refine their skills. I’ve used Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar twice. Right after I went through it…

This Advanced French Grammar Is Not Always the Easiest Book to Follow, But It Has Lots of Exercises

3-5 French, Books

This book by Véronique Mazet is full of grammar exercises, and I love grammar exercises. I also usually love grammar explanations, but Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced French Grammar wore me out. The sentences explaining grammar in this…

The French Subjunctive Up Close: For an Intimate Look at the Subject

4 French, Books

This book begins with the following question: “Are you ‘subjunctophobic’?” The author herself is obviously not. “Verbs conjugated in the subjunctive make up a wonderful and captivating tribe,” writes Annie Heminway, “rich in mysteries, nuances, and conundrums, a wandering tribe…

French Pronouns and Prepositions: For Help with Those Short Little Difficult Words

4-5 French, Books

I haven’t consistently liked McGraw-Hill’s Practice Makes Perfect books on pronouns and prepositions (which are offered for multiple languages), but I thoroughly enjoyed this one for French. The exercises were helpful, and the vocabulary used…

Textbook with Accompanying Exercises and Answer Key (Must Be Purchased Separately)

4 French, Books

This is the textbook from a three-piece set (also including an exercise book and answer key) that I used in a French Institute Alliance Française course here in New York City. Nouvelle Grammaire du Français<…

Exercises for Nouvelle Grammaire du Français

4 French, Books

This is the exercise workbook accompanying the textbook Nouvelle Grammaire du Français, also reviewed in this directory. Please see that review for more details on both the textbook and this workbook. Since this workbook does not…