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Foreign-Language Alphabets, Compiled by Dan X. Solo

4-5 General, Books

Foreign-Language Alphabets from Dover Publications will not teach you foreign languages, but it contains a cool collection of foreign-language fonts for a cool $19.95 price. I came across this book when I was scouring the Dover website for…

On Bionic Language Learners

5 General, Books

This book chronicles the superhuman feats of hyperpolyglots, the Steve Austins and Jaime Sommerses of language learners. It is a great read, though you have to be careful not to let yourself be intimidated by these mindblowing language super-learners. Despite…

Cute Cover!

4-5 General, Books, Neighborhoods

This 2007 book weaves together poignant and sometimes surprising immigrant tales from neighborhoods all over New York City. What happens globally changes the shape of the city, by bringing new waves of people from around the world to reinvent New York…

Promoting Polylingualism

General, Books

“Monolingualism is curable,” declares this website, which offers information and tools for taking advantage of languages you already know in order to understand closely related languages.  EuroComRom provides interesting details on the interrelationship among European languages. The site is…

New York, en Français

5 French, General, Books

This may have been the first non-fiction book I ever read in French. I loved it. Of course I am partial to histories of New York, though the ones I own are otherwise in English. It is amusing to read…