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A Great Little Greek Grammar

4 Greek, Books

I loved this slim, carefully written volume by Douglas Q. Adams, but it is not for the grammatically faint of heart, and you should know going into it that it is an overview of the Greek language and its grammar,…

The Oxford New Greek Dictionary: A Highly Portable Word Collection

Greek, Books, Dictionaries

In general I have loved the Oxford dictionaries I have used for other languages in this series. They are small and lightweight, and they have a great layout with generous interior margins, which means you don’t have to battle…

I Tried to Teach Myself with This, But Couldn't

2 Greek, Books, Multimedia

This Teach Yourself Greek book-CD combination is one of numerous offerings for different languages in the Teach Yourself series from McGraw-Hill. To date I have not found any book-CD combination products in this series that…

Your First 100 Words in Greek: Kind of Fun, But Not Very Effective

3 Greek, Books, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Your First 100 Words in Greek by Ioanna Psalti helps you develop basic vocabulary and a familiarity with Greek script. The vocabulary is divided into various thematic categories, such as animals, clothing, household items, etc.—helpful stuff…

Read & Speak Greek for Beginners: Kind of Cute

3 Greek, Books, Multimedia

On the title page, this Read & Speak Greek for Beginners book/CD combo annoyingly promises to be “the easiest way to learn to communicate right away!” Ridiculous. But it’s cute for what it is. There are…