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The Everything Essential Brazilian Portuguese Book, by Fernanda Ferreira

3 Portuguese, Books

This small and portable book by Fernanda Ferreira, Ph.D., will work fine as a refresher. I envision it as being appropriate for, say, the businessperson who has studied Brazilian Portuguese in the past, who is hopping on a plane…

I Was Not Drawn to This

2-5 Portuguese, Books, Multimedia

According to the cover of Beginning Portuguese with Two Audio CDs by Sue Tyson-Ward, this book is “ideal for travel to Portugal or Brazil.” The chapters have titles like “Town Amenities: At the Tourist Office,” “Ill Health: Precautions…

Dirty Portuguese: For Explicit-Language-Friendly People

3 Portuguese, Books

Okay, I will be honest: I didn’t do much with this irreverent little book except giggle over it. Dirty Portuguese is what I consider to be more of a gag gift, like for a college student…

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook: Get the Accompanying Practical Guide, Too!

4 Portuguese, Books

If you buy Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook by John Whitlam, I recommend you also buy the companion text, Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide. They go together! The workbook comes with an answer…

Portuguese Reference Manual: This Book Is No Joke!

4 Portuguese, Books

This is, as the title indicates, principally a reference book and not something one would normally use to learn a language. If you are brave, however, and unafraid of grammar and piles of language data, Portuguese: A Reference Manual<…

Buy the Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook, Too, So You Get to Practice!

4 Portuguese, Books

This book is very thorough. I like when books are thorough, though unfortunately Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide is thorough enough to be too heavy to tow around comfortably in a purse, especially since all the…

Random House Webster's Pocket Portuguese Dictionary, with Pen for Scale

Portuguese, Books, Dictionaries

The type in Random House Webster’s Pocket Portuguese Dictionary is too small for me, but if your eyesight is better than mine, you may appreciate the compact size and portability. I do think this series is…

Essential Portuguese Grammar: This Is a Great Little Book

5 Portuguese, Books

I have encountered only a few books like Essential Portuguese Grammar over the years of this language project: small, simple, and clear. It is a gift that, after seeing some of the junk out there, I do…

I Love These Oxford Dictionaries

Portuguese, Books, Dictionaries

The Oxford New Portuguese Dictionary is a member of a dictionary series from Oxford that I really like and have used for other languages. The series as a whole is well-designed and lightweight (meaning easily portable through New…